How Far Is Too Far in Marketing?

Got the guts for a big (risky) idea?

At a time when half the world is deeply concerned about sensitivity toward others, and the other half thinks the pandering goes totally too far, it poses an interesting creative challenge (opportunity?) to deal with this “ideological dilemma.”

The latest Christmas commercial for Edeka, Germany’s largest supermarket chain is a perfect of example of creativity caught in those cross hairs. To make it memorable, they took the risk of offending some of their audience. And the online comments proved this, ranging from: “I am in tears now” to “Sure, you want to get your point across, but that is going wayyyyy tooooo far!!!”

I suppose the real proof will be in how many viewers ultimately choose Edeka as their Christmas dinner shopping destination…

GWH Reality Check: How do you know how far is too far in marketing today? Guess that’s why brand guardrails are so important to establish, to help determine what your desired audience will tolerate… and then if you can go just one step further.

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