Can a Nice Brand Be Naughty and Win?

Year after year we welcome holiday ads that tug at our heartstrings and bring tears to our eyes. Most reinforce the true meaning of the season – warmth, cheer, generosity, and sincerity. For that one media-driven moment, viewers pause and put their lives into perspective.

Then there are brands like Coach, that give us a nice smack of reality. This year, the brand took a different approach with its #GiveCoachOrElse campaign in hopes that Millennials would take note.

Apparently 25-year-old, Jen Lu really wanted that coveted Coach Swagger bag from Santa. But, she was naughty and did not receive it. So on December 26th she takes matters into her own hands, as you can see. The spot leaves us all wondering, is it really better to give than receive?

I have to hand it to Coach. Sure, the campaign isn’t the mushy, tearjerker we all expected, but the brand’s sarcastic humor did stand out by creating a lot of noise, with over 5 million YouTube views and counting. But will the cash registers ring out the season for them?…

Taking this opportunity to wish the happiest of holidays to all! And remember: Be nice, even to those who are naughty… or else.

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