25 of The Most Disruptive Brands of 2015

Taylor Swift on Twitter

Always known, I hope, as one who constantly pushes to challenge the old cliches in Marketing, rethink the rules and reimagine new solutions, (and not always appreciated for it!) this recent list of 25 of The Most Disruptive Brands has become like my most revered list of Brand Oscar Winners!  Clearly defines the differences between being a DISruptive Brand vs. and INTERruptive Advertiser. Big brands with oodles of money, and little guys just getting started, and some you might not have even conventionally defined as a “brand” (remarkable Brand Taylor!) — the real winners show they are willing to flip the game on its head and go to market smart, daring, gutsy and honest. And their fans are rewarding them for it.

My wish for the New Year is to see this kind of thinking on even more brands — and to be in the middle of that fray helping to disrupt our way to even more success!

Best wishes for a healthy, happy and DISRUPTIVE 2016!



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