Lean Cuisine Disses The Word “Diet” and Tries to Do Some Good

Well this actually is a novel way to start the year. Lean Cuisine is the latest “good for you” brand (AKA: Diet Food) that has decided it’s time to “change the ‘diet’ conversation into a force for good.” (Let’s pretend Special K and Weight Watchers haven’t been saying pretty much the same thing for a few years now.)

According to the frozen meals brand, whose menu now includes organic, gluten-free, high protein, and whole grain options, “In January, on average, the world “diet” appears on TV or the internet every 3 seconds.” (Yes. ANNOYING.)

So, they developed the #WeighThis Diet Filter for Google Chrome. When you filter the word “diet” from blogs, articles and social media posts, Lean Cuisine will make a one-time donation (up to a reported total of $25,000) to Girls Leadership, an organization that exists to empower girls.

LeanCuisine#WeighThis Filter

AdAge explains that the #WeighThis Diet Filter covers words like “diet” and “dieting” with an orange box (straight from the brand’s color palette) and highlights an experimental (3D-printed prototype) TV filter box shown off at CES.

GWH Reality Check: While they’re a bit behind the pack in voicing the whole “You Are Not Defined By A Number On A Scale” phenomenon, this shows that HOW you execute a strategy can freshen things up as much as who gets to it first.  (But come on, Lean Cuisine, $25k??)



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