The Ultimate Customer Service Pays Off

Zulily Coat return GoodwillReturning an item to a store or online retailer is typically a non-event and not something most of us bother to talk about. But a recent return attempt to Zulily proved to be quite the opposite.

One call to Zulily’s Customer Service to find out how best to return an unopened coat resulted in the agent telling the shopper to simply donate the coat to a charity or someone in need. And of course, that Zulily would happily refund the purchase price of the coat.
While Zulily’s business model makes returns somewhat difficult for them at times, the fact that they  suggested donating the item to those in need was a good deed that took on a life of its own. The shopper involved went on to post a recount of this on her FaceBook page and of course, from there it went totally viral, reaching and influencing loads of potential shoppers. The good deed that created goodwill.

Such a simple example of good doing good from the sincerest of motives. Would guess more brands and businesses could benefit from this strategy, too.



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