Esurance Wins The Social Super Bowl, 1.5 Billion Ways!

The Denver Broncos may have won the Super Bowl with 24 points, but Esurance won Super Bowl Social with the score of 1.5 Billion!

Yes, 1.5 Billion impressions made Esurance the clear social media winner for Super Bowl 50 with its “Pass It On” Sweepstakes Twitter campaign. The most amazing part is that Esurance did this without any in-game TV commercials or official NFL sponsorship.

How? Let’s take a look at their playbook:

Get Attention! A football made of money — Using a simple and easy to understand football icon to communicate their benefit of savings that get “passed along,” Esurance placed pre-game and post-game spots announcing the promo and its rewards: Over $1 million being given away. For real. And a number of ways to win, not just one.

Create a real conversation! Promoted tweets ­— The hashtag #EsuranceSweepstakes generated over 2.5 Million mentions and was the #1 branded hashtag. Only #SB50 and #SuperBowl beat Esurance in impressions.

Participate! A team of brand tweetersEsurance and Doritos Partner on TwitterWith the help of 20 tweeters, Esurance kept the conversation going throughout the game by commenting on trending topics and even engaging in planned Twitter conversations with other brands, such as Doritos.

SCORE! The result — Total domination! Esurance proves that with the right game plan — smart and simple over hoopla — a brand can win the big game without having to set foot on the field, or spend a bazillion dollars on a TV buy!  (And in fact, this strategy worked for them in 2014 too!)

Esurance’s own Secret Weapon? Maybe CMO Alan Gellman, long time friend and supporter of GW Hoffman Marketing. Congrats, Alan and Team — one heck of a win! Proud to know you!



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