Thank you, AHA. Olive Oil Earns the Heart Healthy Logo!

Olive Oil Earns Heart Healthy Mark

Food marketing depends on more than good taste. Take olive oil for example.

Good fats. Bad fats. Some fats. No fats. The topic of fat consumption is probably one of the most misunderstood in the food chain. Well, hopefully, the recent granting of the coveted “Heart-Check Food” mark to the olive oil category will make at least some delicious menu choices easier.

The North American Olive Oil Association worked very closely with the American Heart Association to make this happen, because so many people are still confused about fats — what’s healthy, what’s not.

Good News: Olive has “the most monounsaturated fat of all common cooking oils used in the US, is healthy and can play a role in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease when used in place of saturated fat.” And NOW they can finally use the logo that screams this to the world.

Now, with all of our work in Health Marketing, we know what happens with “claims”– could, would, may, might, known to… However, given that 85% of shoppers say they know that the “Heart-Check” logo indicates that a food is heart-healthy, and 63% say that they are actually influenced by the mark when shopping for new food products, seems the smart thing to do to take advantage of this opportunity and help consumers feel good again about the delicious things that olive oil can do, despite all of the supposed paperwork hassle to do so!

GWH Reality Check: Hey Olive Oil Brands, don’t look a “Gift Mark” in the mouth. Tackle what’s left of the red tape and let your fans know how good you are! How often does an opportunity like this come around?


Source: Food Navigator 2/15/16

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