Mickey D’s Creates VR Happy Meals

You may have heard about, or even experienced, the wonders of today’s Virtual Reality headsets. To Boomers like myself, they are more than just an update to the View-Master® of our childhood (which themselves are quite a bit more than they used to be).

They are real game-changers — whether sophisticated like the soon-to-be-released Oculus Rift , or “simple”  like the low-tech approaches to VR, using paper or cardboard cleverly folded to hold your smart phone.

Proving the potential impact of the latter, McDonald’s recently began selling these Happy Meal boxes in 14 stores in northern Sweden that can be punched-out, folded, and turned into relatively sturdy VR headsets. Customers who purchase them can then access a link to the “Happy Goggles” VR game, a low-fi ski racing experience.

Not hard to see how, in the very near future, VR headsets will no doubt be as ubiquitous as smart phones are now. This current cardboard and paper approach is a fascinating marketing tool — relatively inexpensive, charmingly low-tech, and surprisingly immersive. Bet we see a lot more of this soon.


Source: Wired 3/2/16

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