Politics, Entertainment & Marketing: Any Rules Anymore?

Larry David Plays Bernie Sanders Politics and Late Night Comedy have become well-acquainted bedfellows over recent years. Equal-Opportunity barbs seem to level the playing field.

But Politics and Prime Time Network TV shows? Politics and Marketing Conferences? Even Politics and First Responders on duty? Is there a line anymore between marketing tactics, freedom of choice, freedom of speech, personal endorsement and… too far? The rules seem to be mixed.

3 examples with different social responses:

President Obama as  keynote speaker at SXSW 2016. 1st sitting president to do such a thing. They are calling it the ultimate “Obama Brand Activation.” The quintessential Experiential Marketing tactic.

Shonda Rhimes, along with her lead characters — Scandal‘s Olivia Pope (aka: Kerry Washington), How to Commit a Murder‘s Professor Annalise Keating (aka: Viola Davis) and Grey’s Anatomy’s Dr. Meredith Grey (aka: Ellen Pompeo)  — star in a pro-Hillary spot that aired initially during an episode of Grey’s.

And what about the Hartford, CT cop who put a Trump bumper sticker in his cruiser?

At a time in history when lines are blurred between pushing the envelope in marketing/promotion — whether yourself, your views or your brand — how does one know when it’s strayed too far?

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