Shazamable Coke Bottles For Sharing, Of Course

Shazamable Coke PromotionDon’t think “The Haters” could possibly “hate hate, hate” this one! Coke’s latest #ShareACoke foray for the Summer of 2016 creates Shazamable cans and bottles with popular song lyrics for fun and sharing. And they didn’t seem to skip a note integrating all the elements.

Shazam your bottle or can’s lyrics and you can record a digital lip-synced video, which of course, you will share,  or personalize bottles with your own choice of lyrics and images at Going way beyond the creative and effective “Popular Name” bottle initiative, this one builds in even more engaging reasons and value added for sharing. Yet it is wonderful in its end user simplicity and integration with real life behaviors.

Strategy, Brand Equity, Technology and Novelty can be forced bedfellows at times today. This is simply perfect harmony (corny pun intended).  Once again, Coke gets a GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up, or Flop) WINNER award. There’s a reason why they are the #1 most valuable soft drink BRAND in the world.  So much to learn from them.



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