Tax Day Marketing As Bad As The Day Itself?

Tax Day MarketingSound branding and marketing investment, or me-too junk?

More brands than the usual H&R Block are jumping on the April Tax Day bandwagon this year. From a slew of offers for a “1040” asking price ($10.40 at Boston Market, $1040 at Kimpton Hotels, including a no-tax perk) to free paper shredding (!) at Office Depot/Office Max, and a whole bunch of seemingly random “It’s Tax Day so buy from us!” offers in between, you just have to wonder where the creativity went?

“Get Relief, Here’s a Deal”  “Spend Your Refund Wisely,” even a “Chill Out” request from Kona Shaved Ice Trucks… all doling out discount after ho-hum discount. Where is all the old fun and imagination that brought Excedrin sampling to the steps of the US Post Office (in the days long ago before e-filing) for Excedrin Headache #1040?

Here’s a partial list of this year’s culprits. See what you think.

I’m giving everyone on it a GWH W.T.F. Award (Winner, Toss-Up, or Flop) an “F” for NO FUN. (OK, maybe Kona gets a “W.”) There just has to be something more clever out there on such a unique and ubiquitous occasion. What a waste of a good opportunity. GWH would have done so much better. Going to keep looking for winners out there— fortunately this year, I’ll have a couple of extra days to look.



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