To Honey Maid, Wholesome Means Acceptance

Honey Maid takes its “This Is Wholesome” campaign to a new level yet again in their latest evolution of the three-year-old campaign. Wayyyy beyond applying to the lowly graham cracker itself, the tagline continues to take on even more controversial hurdles of social acceptance and tolerance.

In the new series of sobering, yet endearing 30 second spots,  they expand their coverage of social diversity issues to include sexual orientation, cultural differences, adopted siblings, and disabled veterans, all with the product serving as that same understated, unifying link that helps bring people together.

Glad to see that all the controversy of the past hasn’t dissuaded them from their strategy — if anything, it seems to have emboldened them.  This approach was a risk, for sure, but one that seems to be paying off. In a world where Marketing can be trite and self serving, they show us that Brands really can help serve as a catalyst for change. And it’s those kinds of moments that create a lasting impressions in consumer minds.

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