Can Dyson Revolutionize Hair Care, Too?

New Dyson $400 Hair Dryer

A $400 hairdryer.

Beauty appliance manufacturers may say it’s crazy. That there is a ceiling on what women will pay for such products. But this is a Dyson brand.

Known for revolutionizing categories that lacked technological innovation and excitement (think vacuums, fans, hand dryers) and delivering a far superior product experience, Dyson has now re-engineered 60-year old hair dryer technology and “rethought” a new product. Launching The Dyson Supersonic, Dyson isn’t selling hair dryers, something they have no experience with. They are marketing “intelligent heat control,” an area in which they excel.

Said to be lighter, quieter, easier to use, and kinder to the hair, the Supersonic has been created totally in keeping with the Dyson Brand.

What is so impressive about this new product isn’t just the amount of time (4 years) and investment ($70mm+) that went into the development. It was the process —  Dyson engineers did a full, hands-on immersion by going to Beauty School to learn how people use hair dryers on an every day basis. It’s the kind of fact based product development that may have once again enabled Dyson to deliver… another Dyson! A completely new, better product vs. anything on the market.

But, will all of this  justify the $400.00 price tag? Dyson has changed pricing paradigms before. Can they do it again? Will their Brand reputation transcend the behaviors of yet another category?  They are hoping “yes”, once early adopters can get their hands on one this Fall. (Though you can reserve one now!)

As one who owns TWO large, clunky, professional hair dryers (one as mere back-up) and who always packs a large, clunky hair dryer when traveling, I can tell you that the excitement behind the new Dyson Supersonic is not overblown for me.



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