Messing With The Crown Jewels- The Brand

The Instagram Brand Power

Is this a portrait of Brand worship or what? Will the new Instagram logo ever engender the same?

With all of the conversation and bouhaha over the new Instagram logo, one has to wonder if there is anything in marketing more powerful than a BRAND? When created and nurtured properly, they are living “beings” that become rooted in people’s lives in very deep ways. Your logo, your promise, where your name appears and how. These things may seem like just a series of boardroom decisions, but they can make or break your Brand, and hence your business.

In just the last few news cycles, we have witnessed not only this heightened conversation over the logo of an app, but fervor over iconic Budweiser beer actually renaming itself  “America” for the summer  (to reportedly claim its forever equity),  a branding backlash when Kentucky Fried Chicken linked with McCormick spices to put its name on “Finger Lickin’ Good NAIL POLISH,” and an entire missive written about the inside scoop on licensing your Brand (Excellent read!). Oh, and who could deny the powerful shot in the Brand arm Jet Blue received when it rewarded the entire plane full of passengers on Mothers’ Day with discounted airfare every time a baby cried! The positive Brand coverage this received even made it to Travel and Leisure magazine!

So powerful, yet so fragile. Attention to BRAND creation and management needs to take center stage in modern Marketing. But does it with most companies when a quick buck can be made?…

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