Are Silent Movies Returning?

Video with No Sound

Is everything old truly new… again and again and again?

No dispute that video is the workhorse of today’s digital and social platforms. Sight, sound and motion creatively married to get the job done quite engagingly.  Then I read the latest stat on the 8 billion+ videos viewed on Facebook alone each day: up to 85% viewed with the sound OFF. Don’t usually post about statistics, but this one has some pretty fundamental consequences.

It’s not that the fact comes as a total shock, since the Facebook platform was designed for this to be possible. But it does mean one less pretty important tool (sound) to capture a viewer’s attention to be able to make it to the magic 3 seconds that count as a “view.” One less tool to get the point, the message or the brand across in a medium originally designed with this tool as a cornerstone. And one new (old?) challenge for creativity to overcome.

In a medium where everyone can become a valid publisher (or believes they can), it reminds me again of the power of real creative genius — wherever it comes from — to be able to, one more time, figure out how to communicate effectively with one more obstacle thrown into the mix. “Go ahead. Do it blindfolded next time.”

Love working with folks with the talent to figure it out!


Source: Digiday 5/17/16

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