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Snapchat Recruiting

We’ve heard stories about someone losing their job over an “oops” on Snapchat. But, seems like more and more today,’modern’ companies are encouraging job applicants to use Snapchat to apply for open positions. Cue Everlane, trendy online clothing retailer.

The process was simple. Everlane used a post on Lever (a digital, Silicon Valley recruiting agency) to announce its preference of accepting job applications via Snapchat.


San Francisco – Creative, full-time

What’s the best way to get hired in 2016? We think this might be it. Tell us why you’d be perfect for any open roles by making a Snapchat story. We welcome you to name a role as well.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick a role (see descriptions on
  2. Make a 60–90 second story on Snapchat
  3. Send us a tweet with your Snapcode once it’s live
  4. Save your story before it expires
  5. E-mail the story to

Fun fact: 8 out of 10 people working at our Shoe Park were hired from a Snapchat story we made.

Clearly, Everlane is no stranger to engaging with Millennials via Snapchat. The retailer regularly posts their own Snapchat stories and answers customers’ questions using Snaps.

It IS hard to connect with Millennials. So how do you break through when you want even more of them on your staff? Well, with 63% of Snapchatters between the ages of 18-34, Everlane is another success story hopping on the bandwagon. By thinking like their target, they have found a genuine way to engage  AND stay true to their brand culture. How many brands can say that?



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