Would You Push Limits to Prove Your Point?

Curious if your probiotic is really doing anything to improve your gut health? Finnish probiotic brand Gefilus was determined to prove the effectiveness of their brand and they did so in a way that is definitely not for the squeamish. Viewer OR Marketer!

“The Lick-Hikers Guide to Inner Strength” sends typically outrageous travel TV host Ian Wright (known for eating just about anything) to all ends of the earth armed with a germ-measuring meter. While on his journey, he drinks thinks like gross river water and slides his tongue across some of the germiest surfaces he encounters – all while taking a steady dosage of Gefilus to boost his immune system.

Despite everything he licked, the dirty water he drank and all the things he touched during his travels, his post-travel blood work shows that he is no worse for wear after his germ fueled travel than he was before left on his journey.

Whether or not it is the Gelifus that kept Ian healthy or he just is lucky enough to have an iron clad immune system, we will never know. And that is one of the major challenges probiotics face – it is difficult for the “patient” to really know how well their probiotic is working. But after watching The Lick-Hikers Guide, I am convinced that probiotics are a good thing.

GWH Reality Check: Even for notably “out there” European advertising, this brand went to an absurdly funny place to make its point. Bet the decisions to get here were not slam dunks, or without risk. How far will most of us go to create super effective break-through messaging?






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