The Most Patriotic Brands

Most Patriotic BrandsAs the July 4th holiday approaches, thought this was a fitting commentary on the power of BRANDING.  Defining “Patriotism” as “pride in one’s country and a willingness to defend it,… It is courage, it is freedom of speech, it is liberty. It is ultimately a set of values that people admire… Real patriotism is the quiet and steady dedication of a lifetime’s work, whether you’re a brand or a person,”  take a look at the list of the MOST PATRIOTIC Brands. The top dogs have worked hard for this honor for a long, long time (Jeep being a personal fav of mine.)  But some of the high rankers are a bit surprising (Gatorade? Amazon?), and some of the lower ranked are probably pretty disappointed (John Deere and Craftsman Tools).

But what an interesting look at what a Brand can accomplish if it is sincere and actually tries.

Happy Birthday, America!


Source: Media Post Marketing daily 6/27/16

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