Re-Imagine Your Boundaries. It Works!

BubbleLick for All


A little lighthearted new product Reality Check in honor of the carefree days of summer: Creativity can re-imagine great ideas in countless contemporary ways! Even the seemingly simple summertime kids’ favorite, BUBBLES.

Bubble Lick has created a mixology product that actually lets you transform any cocktail, or drink for that matter, into edible bubbles, bringing out the inner child in all of us! Bubble Lick Edible Bubbles are non-toxic and are created by simply adding your favorite beverage to the bubble solution. What a simple and clever way of updating an old favorite. Because, after all, adults like to play, too.

And as you get ready for the way-too-early Back to School Sales to hit, check out Crayola’s color-your-own socks! Looks like they got the “re-imagine your boundaries” memo too. Enjoy!


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