How To Get Your Brand In The Conversation

Avery's Soda at Stew Leonard'sFamed grocery marketing sensation, Stew Leonard’s and small batch local soda maker Avery’s Beverages, are getting their brands into the conversation in a pretty “tasteful” way. Known for their extensive, sometime crazy flavor variety, Avery’s actually produced two special flavors — #HillaryHooch and #TrumpTonic — available at Stewies, tracking sales to help take their own “straw poll.” They will even have “Write In Labels”  for those who are “SODAscusted” with the other flavor choices! Labeling the Hillary Hooch flavor “confidential” and the Trump Tonic “Make America Grape Again,” they sure are are showing their creative side.

Politics aside, got to give them kudos for finding a clever way to become a part of the contemporary conversation, a way in to shoppers’ lives, without alienating anyone. Sure, you say, something a local or small batch producer can do– produce one-offs.But I’ll bet if more marketers thought along these lines, they’d be able to do something just as relevant.

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