Redefining a Modern Spokesperson

Celebrities have been tapped as marketing spokespeople for brands since the end of the Depression era. But with today’s increasing demand for transparency, honesty, and straight shooting, that role is taking on a new form as well. Meet the new face on the Wild Turkey Bourbon Team: Matthew McConaughey, Creative Director.

Not just the typical eye-candy. Not just the big name to get attention. Instead, Mr. McConaughey will write, direct, and star in the new brand campaign, as well as recording music for the spots. Add in his role in new product development and a possible licensing deal, and you’ve almost got a full-on Marketing Veep, not just a Creative Director. Hands-on participation. Real. Immersive. (Not “so-li-ci-tus”, as he would drawl.)

Wild Turkey isn’t the first brand to benefit from greater, more legitimate, celebrity involvement than just being a pretty face (note Jessica Alba’s Honest Company, Derek Jeter’s Brand Ambassador work for Luvo frozen foods, among others.)  But they do seem to be charting a pretty unique course. Will be interested in watching this campaign unfold.  And, hey, McConaughey did intern at an Austin, TX ad agency during college, so he must be good.



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