Creativity Trumps Dumb Rules

Rule 40 Campaign

As a way to protect the investments of the official sponsors of the Olympic Games, the IOC instituted Rule 40, prohibiting athletes from mentioning or even pointing out any supporters who were not paying sponsors of the Games. But some of these “non-sponsors” weren’t too happy about the ruling, especially those who had been supporting some of the athletes for years.

Brooks Running Co. took their frustrations to the next level in an all-out Anti-Rule 40 Campaign, beginning at the Summer Olympic Trials. Using a simple, type-only treatment, they conveyed intentionally-generic messages such as, “Good luck, you know who you are, on making it to you know where.” The sign-off was simply “”, a site created to rally like-minded athletes and other non-Olympic sponsors to join in on the protest.

Guess sometimes the great ideas come about by merely pointing out the ridiculousness of rules. So hats off to Brooks Running Co. for getting their message across with a very simple, yet undeniably memorable approach.



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