Your Bathroom, Your Brand?

Bathrooms Mean MoneyTarget’s recent initiative to go one step further in response to the gender identification conversation and add single-stall bathrooms to all stores is just another way that they are defining their Brand to the world. And that translates to cash — or not — at the registers.

Whether it’s through the clothing and merchandise selections they offer, or the departmental merchandising and signage decisions they make, Target is reinforcing the value they place on “inclusion”, on making sure that their customers — no customers— are  “limited by how things are presented,” and on their interest in being a brand that is not afraid to change with the times. While the gender identification issue is a current hotbed, and I am sure that no decision will make every shopper happy, Target, as a brand, has worked to make it clear what they stand for in the most UN-Marketing-like ways. And Branding is Marketing, right?

GWH Reality Check: Do all brands realize how far-reaching their seemingly everyday decisions or ‘unrelated-to-Marketing’ actions may be? Do they realize that every single thing they do or manifest in the world speaks about the Brand. Daunting to think about it when “Branding” is your job. But how many opportunities to make a well-branded impact might we be missing by defining the sphere of influence too narrowly?



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