Not So Silly Trix Rabbit Gets Real

In their ongoing effort to make their breakfast cereals healthier, and to spread that word, General Mills has introduced an honorary REAL Trix Rabbit, and started an online “Rabbit Showdown” to drive the REAL point home  — a competition to find the nation’s “greatest rabbit athlete.”  Cereal fans are encouraged to enter by submitting videos of their own pet bunnies running, jumping, and just being rabbits, naturally.

It’s not a bad thing for manufacturers work harder to be REAL, to eliminate artificial colors and ingredients from their products, as consumers are paying way more attention to what’s in the processed foods that they buy, particularly if it’s their children eating them. trix-cereal-then-vs-now-9-HR

A noble goal and a fun contest to watch, even if you don’t have your own pet bunny, and perhaps a good sign that the number of brands being made healthier is multiplying.


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