A Little Doggie Sampling Goes A Long Way

Denver Human Walking ProgramThere is a bit of a parallel between office workers and shelter dogs. Both are cooped up in cubbyholes all day. No walks, no fresh air, no fun.

So, to provide a little relief to both the human and canine type, the Human Walking Program allows office workers to get out of the office and take a walk with an adorable shelter dog as their guide. The inaugural year of the program in 2015 resulted in several dogs being adopted, and was a great tool to raise awareness for the Denver Animal Shelter, who partnered with the Denver Public Library to sponsor the event.

Cute story? Sure. But way more.

It’s a really creative way to get awareness of a product (the pups) by focusing on a niche target (Office Workers) and a specific benefit. Even if  just a “quick sampling event” over lunch, this is an awesome pairing of interests and opportunities that creates a win-win for everyone. Smart thinking for a greater good. Little lesson in here, yes?

Now it’s time for me to go take a walk with a pooch, we will see if he comes home with me.



Source: http://www.denverpost.com/2016/09/13/shelter-dogs-denver-office-workers/

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