Can Brangelina Split Fill Airline Seats?

Brangelina Split Ad Campaign


When the whole world was talking about Angelina Jolie filing for divorce from Brad Pitt, one smart brand got in on the conversation before it became a flash in the pan.

Two days after the announcement, Norwegian Airlines began running this very clever ad campaign hinting at the opportunity awaiting Brad-mirers if they could get on a flight to LA. By tapping into a high-profile topic with very simple reactive ads, the airline was able to create a social media success.

How many of our agencies, brands or organizations could react this quickly? And should we? While there are some naysayers claiming insensitivity, most can see this as simply a fun tongue-in-cheek attention getter.  I think it’s a win. I now know how I can fly directly from London to LA quite affordably, now don’t I?


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