Dollar Shave. Did Acquisition Kill The Funny?

Dollare Shave Post AcquisitionEver since Dollar Shave Club was purchased by Unilever for $1 Billion, many fans of their original viral sensation, owner, and spokesman Mike Dubin’s hysterical spots have wondered if, and how, they would continue the look and feel of those breakthrough ads, now being, uh, “corporate” and all.

If you listen closely to an initial post-acquisition video on Twitter,  you’ll here the voiceover of Mike himself (who has stayed on as a rather wealthy CEO) toward the end of the ad. And that’s just what this brand needs to maintain, for in Mike they have an affable, mediagenic spokesman who, possibly due to his training in improve comedy, has a hard-to-define absurd quality, not to mention a now recognizable voice that will, and should IMHO, be forever linked to this brand.

So many grassroots success-story brands lose their personalities under the auspices of their new corporate owners, at least at first, that this is refreshing to see. Well done Dollar Shave Club for knowing your brand. Well done Unilever for seeing that, too. The BRAND is King!


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