H&M, Wes Anderson and Nostalgia Work Together

A charming little holiday film from H&M, done as only quirky director Wes Anderson could do it. “Come Together” has everything fans (and critics) have come to expect from Mr. Anderson: long tracking shots, symmetry, quirky dialog, Adrian Brody.

As a train conductor, Mr. Brody is alerted that his train will be delayed for hours, so he arranges an impromptu party for the travelers on board. Closing with both a bit of John and Yoko’s “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” and the title “Come Together”, it left me with one of those delicious chills that I seem to get whenever well intended nostalgia gets mixed together with a general feeling of peace and togetherness.

H&M has always done a wonderful job with their long-form advertising, and this current effort continues the tradition. Nice to see brands break rules and still come out winners. In this one, we all do.



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