Morton Salt Rebrands With Smart Bold Behavior

What  a fantastic, energizing example of marketing to hear about to kick off a New Year! Morton Salt shows the world what REBRANDING can truly mean. Their first in 168 years!

Salt. That’s right, salt. What used to be thought of as just table salt, with that little girl with the yellow umbrella, in our mother’s kitchen cupboards. (So don’t say you work on a “boring product.”)  However, add some (IMHO) brilliant strategic thinking, an eye to the full potential of the product, and a major dose of thinking outside of the pantry (to include usage in healthcare, farming and more), and this brand is playing in a modern marketing space in a powerful way.

The “Walk Her Way” campaign was designed to take the brand beyond being a kitchen commodity to being  an “emotional lifestyle choice.”

But a change like this wouldn’t simply happen in a boardroom or in some Powerpoint presentation. And it sure wouldn’t come without changing long-standing behaviors in an enormous way.

Like sponsoring a rock band video (salt?) — the revolutionary  OK GO‘s 17 million view awesome video, “The One Moment.”  Because “It only takes one moment to make a difference” in the Morton Salt point of view.

Like linking with PARTNERS such as Blair Brettschneider, founder of Girl Forward, the Chicago non-profit to help local female refugees,

And Seth Maxwell and his Thirst Project who parlayed $70 from a bunch of college friends into more than $8million, by tapping middle school, high school and college kids to aid in the mission to provide clean drinking water around the world.

Like looking INSIDE as well as outside for change, in places like the health & wellness programs the company offered, the nature of the company workforce, even the company’s office space as well — not only moving its HQ, but creating its 1st open-plan setting in history.

This is courage to change. This is forward thinking. This is REbranding.

Morton Salt gets a GWH WTF (Winner, Toss-Up, or Flop) WINNER Award with really loud applause! Will be watching your success.


Source: Digiday 1.10.17

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