NY Lottery Wins By Redefining Winning

The Zeitgeist is a funny thing. Have you ever noticed that just as you begin to think in a certain way, you suddenly find examples everywhere of other minds following that same thought process?

Take for example this new campaign for The New York Lottery. I love dogs, I support dog rescue groups, and perhaps because I am inching ever closer to “retirement age”, I’ve been thinking, “What would I do if I won the lottery? I know! I’d spend every day rescuing dogs!!” I have seen similar thoughts from friends on Facebook, as well.

Well, seems the NY Lottery is on the same page too. Their latest campaign works to change the image of winning from a blinged-out life of luxury filled with gold-plated toilets and exotic super-cars, to a life where you just get to do things that you want to do without thinking about your paycheck. I’d like to believe that is what most people really do dream about, and hey, most lottery marketing has traditionally been about “dreams.”

I have never really been that big a fan of lotteries in general, and even less of a fan of the marketing tactics generally used to separate people from their hard-earned money; but these spots feel “right” to me. When you can successfully tap into how consumers really feel about something, you make an emotional connection, you get a “Hey, that’s just what I was thinking” response. And just like in real life, you may even make a friend out of a stranger. Good strategy, no?

Now excuse me, I’m off to buy some dog leashes and a lottery ticket.


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