Bad $$$es Welcome

Helsinki Slush ConferenceWhen planning business travel calendars, most hope to get in a little warm weather indulgence during bleak winter months. “Educational” Conferences in Palm Springs, Miami, and Scottsdale are pretty popular right about now.

But what do you do if you aren’t located in such a geographically desirable spot but you still have an awesome event? Take a lesson from the recent Slush tech conference in Helsinki, Finland and the brave soles attending. Messaging made the moment. And the Community.

With Helsinki’s notorious few hours of sunlight and bleak, cold, wet, winter days, it was kind of hard to gloss over the reality of the situation. But with Slush’s values of “originality and honesty,” they extended an apropos kind of welcome that was right on brand. Certain the attendees shared the same sentiment.

Kudos to Slush for embracing and having some fun with their reality. When life hands you lemons…





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