Snicker’s Gets Real for Super Bowl

Someone once said that if the end of the world was announced, Americans would want to get a preview the day before. Super Bowl spots are kinda like that. I know that they cost so darn much that brands want to use every means possible to get more than just their ‘Day Of’ exposure and the few days of glory post game. But I guess I am one of those purists who still likes to watch for all the hyped creativity on Game Day — notebook in hand — and judge for myself. (Anyone else?)

So Snickers has made me smile. Yes, they went for pre-game sneak peaks. But just at a sneak peak teaser. AND they were typical Snickers-bold with their innovative REAL TIME (as in during the game) TV spot production!  Love it! Now THAT is an ad I am going to be looking out for.

Innovative new approach to a traditional medium, while keeping a successful campaign (“You Aren’t You When You’re Hungry”) and not trying to go all “new for new’s sake,” pre-game exposure for impact and spending efficiency, with added hype to actually see the in-game spot. How much better could they get?

Spots better be good.


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