GE Pledges to Close Gender Gap Like a Rockstar


Marketing creativity at it finest. Take a look at GE changing the conversation in its efforts to close the gender gap in science.

With a goal of employing 20,000 women in STEM roles by 2020 and achieving a 50/50 gender split in entry-level positions by the same time, GE is doing its part to increase female representation in IT roles. Its new campaign confronts old stereotypes head-on by turning a celebrated female scientist into a Kardashian-like rockstar. The camera follows New York’s own, unassuming Millie Dresselhaus, first woman to win the National Medal of Science in Engineering, as if she were a celebrity. It’s super clever, since it juxtaposes science (AKA  typically male-dominated and “geeky”), and our cultural obsession with celebrity entertainers— forcing us to assess what we value, and inspiring us to look at science differently.

So, ladies, it’s now cool to be a scientist and GE wants to hire you!

Inspiring and beautiful message. Extremely compelling and really fun marketing — what a concept. Only time will tell if it becomes part of our national fabric. Let’s hope we won’t be having the same discussion in 2020




Sources: Business Insider


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