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Frugal Couch Potato.

I admit, I’m quite addicted to TV and could not be more excited about the fall line-up. So my excitement grew when I learned about a new way to save 40% off at mega retailer Gap simply by sitting on … Continue reading

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Blog or Blunder.

Last Week Bob Parsons, Co-Founder of posted a horrific video on his blog,  showing him shooting an Elephant in Zimbabwe.  It gained instant attention and disgust from many organizations and clients of GoDaddy.  Among them PETA (a client) withdrew … Continue reading

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Mom, can I get braces… pleeease! I need a new iPod.

I was talking to a friend the other day and was surprised when she told me her daughter had just requested her first orthodontist appointment. What? Yup, she actually asked if she could go to the orthodontist! Not because she … Continue reading

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Real People, Unreal Results

There are so many quick fit solutions on the market, you have got to wonder… who believes this stuff, and more importantly who buys this stuff?  Many consumers still look for the “magic bullet” when it comes to beauty and … Continue reading

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Sticks & Stones got nothing on this name calling!

CBS’s new #1 romantic comedy, “Mike & Molly” is certainly getting a lot of attention after Marie Claire Blogger Maura Kelly, went on a rant against fatties on TV causing a ton of exposure for the network. The controversy was … Continue reading

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A tale of two Facebooks.

Take a look at two totally different approaches to promoting your brand on social networks. Hmmm… Coke on Facebook. A megabrand like this has to have its own page on Facebook, right? Not exactly. Hard to imagine that it took … Continue reading

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