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How to Find Big Ideas in Little Details

Sometimes the biggest marketing ideas take shape in the smallest details. Take what Burger King did in Seoul, South Korea. Seoul is known for having one of the worst commute times for workers, with especially lengthy train rides. What happens? … Continue reading

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Little State, Big Splash Marketing

As “Where are my receipts?” Tax Season gains its final head of steam, thought it only fitting to showcase this clever bit of local marketing, where Intuit (the makers of online tax software for tax preparers) partnered with Providence, Rhode … Continue reading

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When is clever too clever?

All for the more cerebral approach to advertising. And especially in the automotive industry, where one car zooming around the curves on the Pacific Coast Highway looks pretty much like the next. But did Cadillac go too far down the … Continue reading

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Tiffany Breaks Advertising Ground

Jeweler Tiffany & Co. is featuring a same-sex couple for the first time in its advertising history. Though they join major fashion companies like Gap, Banana Republic and J. Crew, who have also featured same-sex couples, one can imagine that … Continue reading

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Maybe If It Carried My Bags to the Car?

Cool or creepy… or just plain scary if you are a Lowe’s associate. Lowe’s is testing multilingual robots just before the holidays to help out with customer service at one of its subsidiary hardware stores in San Jose, . The 5-foot-tall robots, … Continue reading

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Kit Kat “Surely Wins” with This One

A few years ago when Japan was hit by the earthquake and tsunami, Nestle was there to lend a hand in the rebuilding process, focusing their efforts on the damaged railways in the Saniku region. Now, to take their support … Continue reading

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Branding: Tiffany Yogurt and Versace Eggs?

An interesting exhibit called “Wheat is Wheat is Wheat” recently opened at the San Francisco Museum of Craft & Design. The designer, Peddy Mergui merges two worlds; high end brand names and basic grocery store items. The purpose: to make … Continue reading

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