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A Billboard Really Delivers on Its Promise

When agencies create ideas for billboards, of course they want them to deliver results.  But deliver water too?… It’s a fact that there is no access to potable water for about 700,000 people in Peru. But what the area does … Continue reading

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Message Value or Shock Value?

A controversial billboard that caused a stir in Los Angeles, and then was denied in New York, will now pop up in Chicago this week. The ad features an enlisted American soldier and a Muslim woman in a loving embrace. … Continue reading

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Whole new kind of Traveling Salesman

Today, seems like there’s a new form of fancy advertising being touted every day. But for me, good old-fashioned “word of mouth” works best. Learning about a product from someone with real credibility is the best way for me to … Continue reading

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A New Low For Bad Taste in Advertising

I actually hesitated to continue to give any more press to this “advertising.” But had to, because there are more people to blame than the obvious. So, Hyundai is the latest company being criticized for offensive advertising efforts with the … Continue reading

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A March Madness Winner Before the Tourney Ends!

With the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament in full swing, many brands are trying to take advantage of this key engagement period with millions of fans. And just like the performances of the teams, some are failing while others succeed… and … Continue reading

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Go Make Babies

There’s a new advertising campaign for Chicago’s public radio station, WBEZ, and it’s not what you’d expect. But I think it’s certainly one that those of us who live in the Windy City will notice! “We want listeners tomorrow, go … Continue reading

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File Not Found — But maybe a kid can be!

When surfing around the Internet, how many times do you stumble across the dreaded “404/File Not Found” error message? And what if that wasted space could be put to great use? Now it can!, a collaboration between Missing Children … Continue reading

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