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Lean Cuisine Disses The Word “Diet” and Tries to Do Some Good

Well this actually is a novel way to start the year. Lean Cuisine is the latest “good for you” brand (AKA: Diet Food) that has decided it’s time to “change the ‘diet’ conversation into a force for good.” (Let’s pretend … Continue reading

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‘Got Milk?’ Repositions Good-for-You as Good-for-Foodies, too.

The latest “Got Milk?” campaign reminds us that milk is more than good for you, it’s also a match made in foodie heaven for many sweet and spicy foods! The California Milk Processor Board recently released “a pair of mesmerizing … Continue reading

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Quaker Taps Real People, Real Emotion for a Big Win

Goodness Starts Today. That’s the message of Quaker Canada’s recent YouTube hit video. But instead of focusing on the nutritional properties of this good-for-you brand’s products, the video tugs at the heartstrings of the viewer with a real-life dad and … Continue reading

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Healthy Kids Are No Laughing Matter

In a hilarious parody of contemporary healthy food ads, actor/comedian Nick Offerman takes us on a tour of his farm, where “ripe, juicy pizzas” and taquitos grow on trees and “hot, moist sloppy joes” grow year-round thanks to the “nutrients” … Continue reading

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Healthy Brands Can Still Be Hip

Think about the last ad you saw for a good-for-you brand. It probably focused on the nutritional benefits of the product, right? Cravendale Milk in the UK follows the successful lead of the U.S. “GOT MILK” campaign, and takes possibly … Continue reading

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The Power of Gorilla Marketing.

No, that’s not a typo. A new good-for-you brand, Barnana, is using gorilla marketing (OK, guerilla marketing, too) to gain attention for its dried organic banana snack – and it’s working!

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Hysterical New Ground for Super Bowl Ads!

With Super Bowl Sunday closing in on us, excitement is growing for the commercials that will play during the Big Game, and sneak peeks of these TV spots are everywhere. Turns out, some brands are taking pretty innovative approaches to … Continue reading

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