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Sharing Happiness Pays Forward Brand Equity.

Brand loyalty should swing both ways — consumers who are fiercely loyal to their brands AND brands that are fiercely loyal to their consumers.  This holiday season, Zappos wanted to demonstrate this, and in doing so, ended up inspiring a whole … Continue reading

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Getting Personal.

Big brands are making it personal. Coca-Cola introduced personal cans last year with consumer’s names and even fun labels such as “Wingman”, “Friend” and “Mom” as part of their successful “Share a Coke” campaign. Other brands quickly began following suit … Continue reading

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Can Wheaties Leverage Their Brand Equity from Cereal to Beer?

Can a brand name best known as “Breakfast of Champions” now be translated to beer? General Mills Wheaties thinks so and has teamed up with a nearby craft brewery in Minneapolis to create a limited-edition Hefeweizen beer, called HefeWheaties.

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Having the Guts to “Shake It Off”.

As high school graduations are happening all over the country, one high school graduation in Portsmouth, NH decided to shake things up with a new twist to traditional pomp and circumstance. Surprising and delighting everyone, the 235 graduating students led … Continue reading

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Are Your Windows the New Frontier in Advertising?

Need to make a little extra cash and got windows? Well here is a new view on outdoor advertising, no longer restricted to billboards along highways. Anything outdoors, can be turned into a billboard. We’ve seen park benches, waste cans, … Continue reading

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Bud Light, Just Say No.

Oh boy. Bud Light’s #UpforWhatever campaign is in trouble again. What started out as a fun, youthful, lighthearted campaign to encourage spontaneity, now in its second year, looks like it’s missing the mark with women, the target market they are … Continue reading

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What Happens When Men Choose? #SizeMatters

Dove recently released their latest in the #RealBeauty campaign, #ChooseBeautiful, to promote positive body image. The ad involved women choosing between two doors, one labeled “average” while the other was labeled “beautiful.”  The video went viral as many women struggled, … Continue reading

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