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Just Do It On the Courts.

How does Nike launch a new line of tennis gear? With precision timing to coincide with one of the hottest tennis events, the US Open, and by staging a temporary tennis court complete with locker room and swag area, smack dab in the … Continue reading

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Click Clack is Back.

What’s the #1 app shooting to the top this month?  A high tech, can’t-live-without app? No. Sometimes it is the simplest things long forgotten in the wake of high tech, but given new life again. Hanx Writer, a simulated  typewriter … Continue reading

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Lean In Barbie.

Barbe hits Times Square! After 55 years and more than 150 careers under her belt, Mattel’s Barbie is stepping out on her own starting an entrepreneurial venture. In Barbie’s own words on her LinkedIn page, “My new business is ‘Dream Incubator’ … Continue reading

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Goodnight Siri.

Apple recently announced  that they are diving into the smart home market with their new app, Home Kit. Unlike some current devices that control only one or two utilities in your home, Apple’s Home Kit integrates all devices, almost like a … Continue reading

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You Are What You Tweet.

Some are calling it the worst tweet a brand has ever shared in the history of social media! Recently, US Air “accidentally” tweeted a pornographic photo in response to a consumer complaint. The offensive and very graphic tweet showed a … Continue reading

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Dove’s New “Patches” Only Skin Deep.

Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign has been going strong for the past 10 years. Dove’s last campaign, “Selfie” was a major hit and its “Sketches” ad struck a powerful emotional chord with women. Their newest ad, “Patch”, however, is striking a different … Continue reading

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Because We All Need Silly Stuff.

Three, a British mobile network, has the most fun-loving advertising tagline around: “We all need silly stuff” and their new campaign very theatrically delivers on this promise. The #SingItKitty campaign has over 5.0 million hits on YouTube and counting. From the … Continue reading

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