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Customer Still King.

Imagine a hotel that has so many effusively glowing reviews that it actually has jumped in rankings to the #1 spot in TripAdvisor’s review algorithm– for the country it resides in AND is ranked in the top 25 hotels in … Continue reading

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Goodbye Hello Kitty Beer.

That iconic kitty cat, Hello Kitty, known to grace everything for children–from fruit snacks to fruit of the loom underwear is now hawking fruit flavored beer. Yes, beer – an alcoholic adult beverage. The Hello Kitty brew, licensed by the … Continue reading

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Is Pinterest the new Catalogue?

J.Crew just launched their new Fall catalogue entirely on Pinterest, being the first clothing brand to do so. J.Crew decided to debut their fall line not using the tried and true traditional paper catalogue route, but chose to directly engage … Continue reading

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Dressing Up the Golden Arches.

McDonald’s going luxury premium? In Japan, McDonald’s has launched a new line of premium burgers entitled the “Quarter Pounder Jewelry Series”. The burgers include premium meat and accompaniments like thickly-sliced pineapple and bacon, Monterey jack cheese, black truffle sauce, chorizo, and … Continue reading

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Alphabet Beauty.

If you have taken a stroll down the cosmetic aisle lately you may have noticed that skin care has swallowed some alphabet soup.  BB and CC skin cream and just newly released DD skin cream? Just what are these alphabet … Continue reading

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Viral Rivalry. College Pranks Gone Digital.

Ah college pranks! Used to be that one college stole the other’s mascot. With the advent of the Internet and social media, college pranks are taken to a whole new level–especially when the college is filled with MIT-brillant digital savvy … Continue reading

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Big Wheels Keep On Turning with Citibike.

When visiting NYC recently, I was seeing those fun looking blazing blue Citibikes everywhere. They seemed to be so calm in a sea of endless traffic, bobbing and weaving with momentum while those of us in cabs and cars stood … Continue reading

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