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Reebok to Oscar Mayer: We’re Taking on Your Bacon

Branding today is a part of  life, like seasons, reality TV, or celebrity divorces. Our clothes display the mark of its maker. Same goes for our cars, electronics, office equipment and toilet paper. When we love a brand, we love … Continue reading

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Pedal Smarter.

Smart Phones. Smart Cars. Even Smart Refrigerators. So what’s next? How about a Smart Bike? Just how smart can a bike be? Very smart if you are in Copenhagen. The city to first jump on bike-share wave in the nineties … Continue reading

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Another Tech Society Milestone

As the summer of 2014 is almost upon us, here’s some light-hearted news: Apparently, a new Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein was sworn in recently. No big deal there. It has been done before, many times. What makes this time … Continue reading

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Pub Crawl With a Purpose

If you find yourself in Manhattan on May 20th and suddenly feel thirst, make your way downtown, launch a BeaconCrawl app on your smart phone (available from iTunes starting on May 2nd) and start crawling! How would you know where … Continue reading

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Which Car is YOU? … Na, me either.

If you remember the somewhat controversial Olympics in Russia, you may also have noticed a TV spot for Cadillac that was aired during the games. (We actually blogged about it on Feb 24th. How prescient!) It seemed to stir a … Continue reading

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It Takes One to Hire One

The Poaching Phone from Ali Mokdad on Vimeo. This article definitely pushed a button in me — how a creative shop in Dubai used its own talents to find new recruits, without spending money on pricey headhunters. Ahhhh, so strategic! … Continue reading

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A Soft Spot

I’ve been glued to my TV, trying to follow the Olympics. Hate to miss a single nail-biting second! Luckily, Charmin continued its “Intermission” campaign, now adding the Olympics to its helpful “bathroom break”  series that includes ball games and holiday … Continue reading

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