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What’s Old Is New is Old?

In an interesting twist, a tweet has become… a print ad?  In an unusual effort to promote their new film by Coen brothers, the CBS Films took out a full page in The New York Times with hardly anything but … Continue reading

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Creativity Flies High

Want to see something cool in outdoor advertising? Something better than the inflatable swinging sock people? More effective than mascots walking along the road and more hi-tech than store signs powered by wind? Enter the British Airways Interactive Billboard! It … Continue reading

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Ringing in the Holidays

Like everyone else this year who has started marketing Christmas even before the poor turkey has had its day on the table, I simply had to showcase this one! The holiday spot from K-Mart speaks for itself.  Brought to us … Continue reading

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Starbucks on Wheels

Now that everyone seems to enjoy Starbucks coffee and WiFi, how does one improve and move forward from here? How does a brand keep moving ahead and expand? Well, here’s a new one — take a train. Seriously, that’s what … Continue reading

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The Chicken Choir.

To all who remember the Human League’s 80’s hit “Don’t you want me?”, here comes the talented and, I am sure, delicious chicken choir from Foster Farms, California. Yup, it’s a chicken choir and they have sweet voices of nightingales … Continue reading

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The Italian Job.

I am in the middle of a small weekend remodeling project. As I got tired, my Mac came in handy for some rest and recharging (what else is there?). Somehow, I end up on Google search results page for an, … Continue reading

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Volvo’s Hampster Put to The Test

  Maybe Volvo thought that if Kia could have a raging success with a rodent, so could they? Or maybe they wanted to shake their image as a safe/boring auto maker that had “stuck” with them for decades? But here’s … Continue reading

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