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In a world ruled by marketing, where ads are piling up on top of each other for a chance to sell us something, once in a while a powerful message emerges and grabs us instantly. Imagine an ad for the … Continue reading

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Jaguar, The Copy Cat

The latest TV spot for a sexy Jag F-Type is here, featuring, equally sexy, Damian Lewis behind the wheel. You, probably, know him from the popular Showtime series the Homeland. Another great screen name is also behind the camera— Sir … Continue reading

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TNT is Coming… Again!

Remember (of course you do!) last year’s great TV spot for the TNT cable channel announcing its arrival to Belgium? If not, you can still catch up here  and see what I am talking about. This video became one of … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Macca My Mate!

Macca’s turning 4o! Gonna go to the party? Probably not, but don’t feel left out. You’d have to hang out way down under to even know what Macca’s is. (Hint – kids of all ages and adults love it! Getting … Continue reading

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How Far to Go to Go Viral?

So what do you get when Rube Goldberg’s machine is paired up with some gnarly extreme athletes and powered by an energy drink company? You get the latest viral video from the Red Bull. OK guys, grab a cold one, … Continue reading

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Public Transportation Never Looked Sexier?

For us — people living in and around New York City — public transportation is a part of daily life. We are bombarded with public service messages about the benefits of squeezing into antiquated and overpriced metal boxes that, eventually, … Continue reading

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100 Most Influential Mad Men (Women!)

During the morass of media coverage on the election campaign, economic issues, and political turmoil that seem to envelope our little planet, great to see Advertising Age celebrating something more positive — publishing a letter acknowledging women’s role in our … Continue reading

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