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GE Pledges to Close Gender Gap Like a Rockstar

siness Marketing creativity at it finest. Take a look at GE changing the conversation in its efforts to close the gender gap in science. With a goal of employing 20,000 women in STEM roles by 2020 and achieving a 50/50 … Continue reading

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Re-Imagine Your Boundaries. It Works!

  A little lighthearted new product Reality Check in honor of the carefree days of summer: Creativity can re-imagine great ideas in countless contemporary ways! Even the seemingly simple summertime kids’ favorite, BUBBLES. Bubble Lick has created a mixology product … Continue reading

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Shazamable Coke Bottles For Sharing, Of Course

Don’t think “The Haters” could possibly “hate hate, hate” this one! Coke’s latest #ShareACoke foray for the Summer of 2016 creates Shazamable cans and bottles with popular song lyrics for fun and sharing. And they didn’t seem to skip a … Continue reading

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Thank you, AHA. Olive Oil Earns the Heart Healthy Logo!

Food marketing depends on more than good taste. Take olive oil for example. Good fats. Bad fats. Some fats. No fats. The topic of fat consumption is probably one of the most misunderstood in the food chain. Well, hopefully, the … Continue reading

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Reality One-Ups Virtual Reality

By now, we’re all familiar with the concept of virtual reality experiences. With a pair of goggles and a little imagination, we can be transported to another place in an instant. However, the North Face in South Korea took VR … Continue reading

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Listerene’s App for The Blind Creates a WIN Everyone Can See

Oh, this example we are showcasing from Listerene® is just so right for so many reasons! So, ever wondered what it’s like to “feel” a smile? Last week, Listerine’s Advanced White product launched a mobile app overseas that allows the … Continue reading

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Gen Z to Marketers: Let Go!

Handing the creative reins of your brand’s social marketing over to Influencers is not easy. But it might be the best way to engage Generation Z, or those born between 1997 and 2002. A recent panel on Gen Z Influencers … Continue reading

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