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Can Social Responsibility Be Profitable? Yes!

Uber car service is testing a way to marry social responsibility with bringing in business. They’ve created a sidewalk kiosk in Toronto that allows revelers to take a portable breathalizer test to see how they fare. One too many over … Continue reading

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Femvertising Pays!

In honor of International Women’s Day, I thought it worth highlighting the fantastic insights surrounding the current valuable trend toward “Femvertising” — defined as pro-female messaging within advertising that is striking a chord with women and with marketers alike.  From … Continue reading

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Want to Win? Redefine Your Retail.

Want a new sales opportunity for your product or service? Redefine how and where you play!  Just like success story SouveNEAR — a little company that changed the whole dynamic of selling authentic local artisanal goods, by placing them in … Continue reading

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I Never Knew Breakfast Was Sad.

I never really thought about breakfast as being sad, until the launch of Chobani Oats and the #stopsadbreakfast campaign. But how happy can a bruised banana, burnt toast, or a sugary donut be?  So swapping it out for Chobani Oats … Continue reading

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Sell Local, Speak Local.

Smart advertising can be found in the most unlikely of places! (And often that’s where it’s the best.) See how Manhattan Storage shows us the power of talking directly to your audience in as relevant a way as you can, … Continue reading

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Doritos Going Bold… Again

Frito-Lay gambled on yet another test of consumer loyalty last week when it launched three new flavors…with no way to know what they were!! The program is called, Bold Flavor Experiment, with Doritos Jacked tortilla chips. Consumers are asked to try three … Continue reading

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Stonyfield Pearls of Wisdom

Hooray for Stonyfield and its commitment to sustainability! As if their organic products aren’t doing enough to help consumers and the environment, now they have launched the first-ever edible packaging — New Frozen Yogurt Pearls! Working with WikiFoods, Inc, a … Continue reading

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