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Hooray for Success and Stuff…?

As I took in the Olympics over the past two weeks, I couldn’t help but watch the commercial for GM’s Cadillac ELR — from beginning to end, every single time it ran. An actor who you know you’ve seen somewhere, … Continue reading

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Pop Goes the Bowl.

Every once in a while, an old product that’s been around forever gets a new twist. I thought that microwavable popcorn was pretty inventive– quick, easy and no mess. It was a great idea, but what possibly could be next … Continue reading

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Hard to Believe

Sure you have seen the Nivea print ad encouraging African-American men to “re-civilize” themselves, now appearing in September’s issue of Esquire magazine, the one that has created a firestorm of tweets, Facebook updates and blog posts accusing the brand of … Continue reading

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