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The Power of a Product Demo

“Hard horse further covered the tomato fruit.” Does the phrase mean anything to you? Fortunately for Elan Languages, a little known online translation tool, this silly set of directions (and more!) in a translated cooking video, helped to seriously showcase its … Continue reading

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Healthy, Wealthy & Wise For Real

Before I begin my day in this constantly-connected digital world, I like to take a morning run unplugged — no heart rate monitors or step-tracking devices. But the Commercial Bank of Dubai’s (CBD) latest partnership with FitBit got me rethinking my routine. … Continue reading

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Big Ideas Only Look Easy

Ever notice how the really big ideas look amazingly simple when executed properly? But what’s really behind them? Our latest Poster Child: A recent National Blood Week campaign in the UK to increase blood donations due to drastically lower contributions. … Continue reading

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Will a revamped Hamburglar sell any burgers?

No news flash that the Golden Arches have taken a major back seat to chains like Chipotle and Panera for contemporary food choices, especially for Millennials. So in an attempt to transform themselves into a more “progressive burger company” and … Continue reading

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Finding Your Brand’s Voice

BlabDroid 1MSQFT from areben on Vimeo. Do people speak more openly when they don’t feel judged? A tech team, sponsored by Microsoft, created an experiment to prove that they do. BlabDroid, a cute, pint-sized robot, equipped with a with a … Continue reading

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Creativity On Tap

See how rigging up an interactive beer tap to a cell phone and a selfie, worked to get Carlsberg Beer trending big time! #barbandits slot machine-style beer giveaway turned the media into the message — and that message was trendy, … Continue reading

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What Does Your Brand Stand For… Really?

Ever get caught off guard by a small act of generosity by a company or brand that just made you think “WOW!”? Something totally unexpected? … And something that totally redefined that brand in your mind? I just did.

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