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Clever for Business or Clever for Clever?

Airbnb, increasingly known for its ingenuity and creativity, has a new TV spot. And it’s either really clever… or their agency created one heck of a portfolio piece on the client’s dollar!

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Honesty Gone To The Dogs?

You can mess with the amount of sugar that’s actually in my breakfast cereal, hide a little xanthan gum in my sandwich bread. But don’t you mess with what I feed my pet. Just don’t.

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Can Sneakers One Up

As we all communicate more and more through technology, it’s no wonder we’ve become more detached from real face to face interactions, and their possible benefits! Le Coq Sportif, a French sports apparel company, realized this societal concern. So “sneaker … Continue reading

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Marketing that makes you learn in spite of yourself.

On August 1st, at exactly 17:00, gamers around the world were stopped in their tracks while playing Enemy Front, a virtual WWII-themed video game. At that very moment, a message appeared saying, “Your game will resume in exactly one minute. … Continue reading

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Ugly Sells

Like it or not, we live in a world where beauty is worshiped and anything less is pushed aside. Apparently that can change with a little creativity! Enter Intermarche, France’s third largest supermarket chain. As a way of combating the … Continue reading

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Is Sympathy Marketing Sincere?

When undergoing hardship of any kind, it’s natural for people to feel better when they receive sincere empathy from others. And so was created “Sympathic Pricing!”   Also known as “Passionate Pricing” or “Painkiller Pricing”, highlights the many companies … Continue reading

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Your Sneakers: The Next Window to Your Soul?

  Want to personalize a t-shirt with a photo of your pet? (sooo 1990s.) Want to enhance your iPod case with a photo of your favorite band? (sooo 2006.) Now what if you could take an Instagram photo and have … Continue reading

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