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Car Advertising Turned Upside Down!

Wait — you might want to watch the commercial first! Okay, now you can read on. And if you’re like me, for the first 30 seconds, you were probably thinking, “…where is this going?” But still I was anxiously awaiting … Continue reading

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Texas Tourism Misses the Mark

If everything in Texas is supposed to be so big, why did the Texas Tourism Board think so small? Amid an abundance of food vendors, regional artisans, and a sea of spectators, there it was— the big Texas on Tour booth … Continue reading

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The Big Wendy’s Logo Caper

Is this really what takes up our news media? Wendy’s being accused of  hiding subliminal messaging in their new revamped logo? I laughed when I first heard about it, but then after reading an Huffington Post article  that showed a … Continue reading

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Great stunts, Kemosabe

If you haven’t experienced the recent bombardment of Disney’s The Lone Ranger commercials, then you must be living completely off the grid. But the spot that caught my attention most was the one that aired on the Discovery Channel during … Continue reading

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What exactly have you been smoking?

One of the coolest whistle blowers on the planet has to be the After flipping channels the other night, I was left aghast by their latest TV spot where a small crowd gathers around a kiosk in New York … Continue reading

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The Biggest Little Open House

During a recent trip to NYC, and my usual trek through Grand Central Station, I was delightfully distracted from my head-down-push-through-the-masses mission, by what appeared to be a giant dollhouse, plopped smack dab in the front lobby. As I got … Continue reading

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Post Doomsday Dining.

For years, I’ve always thought that anything having to do with doomsday preparedness was a bunch of hogwash, and for much of it, (although today’s world news headlines are far from optimistic), I still feel somewhat the same way. Perhaps … Continue reading

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