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Dare You Not To Feel.

Please watch both of these videos. They are so good and more than worth the incredibly short investment in time. Why am I in love with these?

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Brilliant Branding: Shinola, Not S**T

When someone tackles Branding this smartly, you simply have to applaud. Shinola, a contemporary company less 5 years old, has taken an iconic American shoe polish brand from 1907, (and a dicey popular expression from the WWII era) and catapulted … Continue reading

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Marketing Lessons from An Avocado

As summer produce season comes into full swing, we would like to salute the avocado. We have been watching (and admiring) the Avocado Industry for years. By banding together and sharing costs, they have taken the mysterious, kinda ugly, after-guacamole-then-what? … Continue reading

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Promo 101: Give Them What They Want to Get What You Want

Promotion in Health Marketing is often believed to be either not possible, very straight forward, or, well, boring. We say, “Doesn’t have to be.” As we kick off the sunny summer season, the leading health-related question is: “How do you … Continue reading

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Can an old Brand really learn new tricks?

So riddle me this: Denny’s is to AARP Boomers as _(BLANK)__ is to social & tech savvy Millennials. THE ANSWER: Denny’s. Iconic purveyor of The Original Grand Slam breakfast and Moons Over My Hammy, Denny’s is proving that by uniting … Continue reading

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Gutsy Enough to Change the Status Quo?

It takes a strong, gutsy, and smart Marketer to challenge the status quo, even when it’s right. Kudos to Hefty and their Ultimate™ Cups for redefining the “Mom” demographic in their hysterical, new #PARTYHARDMOMS Campaign! These videos speak for themselves. … Continue reading

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A Social Sharing App Now Delivers Drinks

“Can I buy you a drink?” Whether as a pick up line, a congratulatory gesture, an act of  celebration, or for a million other reasons, it’s a question asked and answered over and over every day. So champagne giant, Moet … Continue reading

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